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Ivy Scarborough
Ivy Scarborough is a lawyer, television, radio and print commentator, speaker, author, radio program host, and former adjunct professor of international studies, history and political science at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee. His career has focused on international affairs, the Christian faith, national defense, terrorism and world religion.

Mr. Scarborough has entered eight war zones.

Mr. Scarborough traveled throughout Pakistan in 1985. Later that year he entered Afghanistan with mujahadeen to observe and document the war with the Soviet Army. At one point, while in the operational area of Osama bin Laden in Paktia Province he was protected by his mujahadeen unit from Arab mujahadeen associated with al Qaeda. His account was published in three articles in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Afghanistan in 1985 with the mujahadeen during the war with the Soviet Union.Scarborough in Paktia Province Soviet-Occupied Afghanistan with the mujahadeen during the war with the Soviet Union, 1985.

El Salvador
In 1988, Scarborough entered El Salvador as an observer during the war against FMLN insurgents. Accompanying Salvadoran Commandos on a four day patrol into guerrilla territory in Morazan Province along the Torolo River, his account was published in three articles in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Nashville Banner.

El Salvador in 1988 during the war against the FMLN insurgency.On patrol along Torolo River, El Salvador in 1988 during the war against the FMLN insurgency.

Nicaraguan-Honduran border during the contra wars.
Scarborough entered the jungle along the Nicaraguan-Honduran border in 1989 to observe the consequences of the Nicaraguan contra war.

Nicaraguan-Honduran border in 1989 during the contra wars.Nicaraguan-Honduran border in 1989 during the contra wars.

Israel - the First Persian Gulf War
At the outbreak of the First Persian Gulf War in 1991 Scarborough went to Israel to observe the circumstances as Israel came under SCUD missile attack.

Israel in 1991 during the First Persian Gulf WarIn sealed room in Jerusalem during SCUD missile attack in 1991 during the First Persian Gulf War

In 1993 Scarborough was invited by the 10th Mountain Division to accompany them during the American deployment into Somalia.

Somalia  in 1993 with the 10th Mountain Division during American deployment.Scarborough in Marka, Somalia with the 10th Mountain Division during American deployment, 1993.

In 1993, Scarborough traveled extensively in Bosnia and Croatia during the Serb-Croat-Bosnian war.

Bosnia in 1993 during the Serb-Croat-Bosnian war.Scarborough with French Foreign Legionnaires at Sarajevo Airport, Bosnia in 1993 during the Serb-Croat-Bosnian war.

In 1998, Scarborough entered southern Sudan during the ongoing war between the Islamic government in Khartoum and southern rebels.

Sudan in 1998 during the war between the Islamic government and southern rebels.With Sudanese People's Liberation Army Soldiers in Sudan during the war between the Islamic government and southern rebels, 1998.

In 1999, Scarborough accompanied the American deployment initially in the company of the 82nd Airborne, accompanying them on day and night foot, mobile and helicopter patrols. Later he accompanied Special Forces in the investigation of war crimes and the arrest of a war crimes suspect.

Kosovo in 1999 during the American deployment.Ivy Scarborough and 82nd Airborne soldiers awaiting a Blackhawk helicopter for aerial night patrol. Vitna, KosoVo. June, 1999.

Scarborough graduated from Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, with majors in History, English and Psychology. He received a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree with an emphasis in international law from the University of Memphis Law School.

Scarborough authored the book Winning Against DUI dealing with legal, social, and media issues related to drunk driving. The book was endorsed by National Presidents of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and RID (Remove Intoxicated Drivers).

His features and commentaries have appeared in: the Charlotte Observer, the Chicago Tribune, the Houston Chronicle, the Indianapolis Star, the Knoxville News Sentinel, the Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Nashville Banner.

He has lectured for the military at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California, Defense Information School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, and the Tennessee National Guard Headquarters, where, immediately after September 11, 2001, he conducted briefings for the officers’ corps on terrorism and Afghanistan.

His articles and predictions on terrorism and international issues include “Terrorism and an International Criminal Court”, “Terrorism and the American Military Response,” published in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. For several years prior to Sept. 11, 2001, he predicted in newspaper and TV commentaries that there would be a catastrophic terrorist attack against the US. In a 1996 Nashville Banner article he stated that “the previous World Trade Center bombing will be a pin prick rehearsal for what will follow.”

In the 1980s Scarborough traveled in the former Soviet Union visiting five republics: Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. He presented the Jones Honorary Lectures on “U.S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet Union” at Union University in 1984 predicting the probable eventual collapse of Soviet communism. These were published as commentaries in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

From 1996-2001, he wrote a monthly column “Your Church & the Law” for the Southern Baptist magazine Church Administration as well as a weekly column, “Law and the Christian Life”, which was published in multiple religious publications across denominational lines.

Mr. Scarborough lives with his wife Ramona near Jackson, Tennessee.

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A must-read book that cannot be ignored by anyone wishing to understand the future of our world.
— Dr. Kevin Cooney,
Professor of Political Science,
Director of Pacific Rim Center, Northwest University

This is arguably the most profound thesis concerning Christianity and Western civilization to be penned since A.D. 413 when Augustine wrote The City of God.

— Dr. James Wilson, Belfast, Irish historian,
Director, Centre for British Studies, Coleraine, UK

Ivy Scarborough’s insights rise like the sun on the fog of our culture’s self-deception and delusions and burn them away. I kept thinking as I read, this is the book I wish I had written.
— Randall Bush, D.Phil. (University of Oxford),
Th.D. (Southwestern Theological Seminary),
Professor of Philosophy, Union University

Into the Night is disturbing, precise, and both condemning and filled with ways of climbing out of the pit we have dug for ourselves.

— Dr. John Adams, retired Vice President,
Union University

This is powerful stuff. Masterful! Chapters could well stand on their own as essays or pamphlets. Really powerful!

— John Perry, author of Unshakable Faith
and Sgt. York: His Life, Legend & Legacy

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