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From Chapter 3 - The Mirage of Immortality- Entropy of the Everlasting
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From Chapter 7 - Man as God: The Worship of the State, Government, Law, and Democracy
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From Chapter 11 - Western Man's Expression of his Soul- Art, Music, Literature, and Entertainment
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From Chapter 14 - Philistines at the Helm
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From Chapter 23 - A Romance with Numbers
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From Chapter 25 - The Abolition of Sin
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From Chapter 28 - The Way Out of the Wilderness
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From Chapter 32 - The Triumph of Evil Through the Weakness of the Good
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From Chapter 35 - A Distinction of the Highest Order- The Christocentric Life
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From Chapter 38 - Seeking Truth- Through a Glass Darkly
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From Chapter 40 - More Things in Heaven and Earth
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A must-read book that cannot be ignored by anyone wishing to understand the future of our world.
— Dr. Kevin Cooney,
Professor of Political Science,
Director of Pacific Rim Center, Northwest University

This is arguably the most profound thesis concerning Christianity and Western civilization to be penned since A.D. 413 when Augustine wrote The City of God.

— Dr. James Wilson, Belfast, Irish historian,
Director, Centre for British Studies, Coleraine, UK

Ivy Scarborough’s insights rise like the sun on the fog of our culture’s self-deception and delusions and burn them away. I kept thinking as I read, this is the book I wish I had written.
— Randall Bush, D.Phil. (University of Oxford),
Th.D. (Southwestern Theological Seminary),
Professor of Philosophy, Union University

Into the Night is disturbing, precise, and both condemning and filled with ways of climbing out of the pit we have dug for ourselves.

— Dr. John Adams, retired Vice President,
Union University

This is powerful stuff. Masterful! Chapters could well stand on their own as essays or pamphlets. Really powerful!

— John Perry, author of Unshakable Faith
and Sgt. York: His Life, Legend & Legacy

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